Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just saw "The Machinist" - very strange movie...I'll let people know right now they shouldn't read further if they're worried about anything being ruined, because I'm not sure what I'm going to say...

Anyway, Christain Bale plays a guy with some majorly paranoid delusions, who hasn't slept in a year and seems like he hasn't ate in about that time either, that seem to grow and grow - at first, for a short time, you think that everything you see is actually happening (since that's what normally goes on in movies) and then you slowly realize that more and more of it is in his head - and figuring out which parts exactly are in his head, and why because the crux. It joins the long line of movies which star a fictional character - which could be the subject of a list - everything from Bogus to Secret Window from a couple of years ago and many more likely more obvious ones I'm not thinking of right now.

They pretty much explain exactly what happened and why Christian Bale is going crazy in the last five minutes, which is semi-satisfying, but leaves a small amount desired of cloture - but, hey, at least he can sleep again, and maybe put back some of those lost pounds.

Alas, next on my queue - Fast Food Nation and A Scanner Darkly - we'll see how those turn out.

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