Monday, October 01, 2007

Okay, so Mets are done. Great. Anyway, after today's wild-card playoff between Rockies and Padres, I'll make some playoff picks.

Just a couple of things first - hopefully soon, I will come up with my ideas for what the Mets should do next year, but unlike some others, I think it's not a great idea to overreact - changes need to be made, but most of the core will probably be the same - and that's okay - Cleveland overcame a huge collapse in '05 to finish with the AL's best record this year.

That said, as I like to comment on articles others have been writing, please do not sign Pudge Rodriguez, although a likely HOF-er, he is very old, six-months older in fact than LoDuca, and while his offense has declined notably over the last few years, less often noticed is the fact his defense has declined as well - on a team trying to get younger, there is no reason to spend our money on a declining catcher this old who we hasn't been part of this team.

Also, I'll do award picks, but the one thing I want to note - is if Jimmy Rollins wins MVP, he will be the worst MVP in the recent past - I'll have to look back to find out exactly when - the other big candidates are all fine, but with respect to the quality player Rollins has been, he's no MVP.

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