Friday, April 18, 2008

This blog would be nothing if it didn't dish out some bad predictions. I may be out of reach of internet this weekend, (must be on my way to Penn State so I'll try to be quick, and add if I have time later on), so I best hand them out my early NBA playoff predictions now. Let's go.

Eastern Conference:

1 - Boston Celtics vs. 8 - Atlanta Hawks

Please tell me I'll get this one right...I don't want the dreaded O-fer like my last year's baseball first round. On a quick note, basketball's the one sport where I would not mind a five-game first round series - it's less susceptible to upsets than hockey, and the playoffs take 2 months anyway. Okay, this ought to be an easy one anyway - best team in the east against a team making its first playoff appearance in 8 years. I'll take Celtics in 5.

2 - Detroit Pistons vs. 7 - Philadelphia 76ers

Much bigger upset potential here, a hot team against a team that is consistent and plays about as solid defense as can be found in the east outside of boston (or about as solid anything as can be found in the east outside of boston). Detroit's just too good. This should be an easy one, but I'm not nearly as confident as with the Celtics. Pistons in 6.

3 - Orlando Magic vs. 6 - Toronto Raptors

Okay, out of time, will try to write more later, but let's at least get the numbers in so I can be laughed at on record later.

Magic in 7

4 - Cleveland Cavaliers v. Washington Wizards

What the hell, pick against the game's best player, great idea - Wizards in 7.

Western Conference:

1 - LA Lakers vs. 8 - Denver Nuggets

Lakers in 6

2 - NO Hornets vs. 7 - Dallas Mavericks

Dallas in 7

3 - San Antonio Spurs vs. 6 - Phoenix Suns

Suns in 7

4 - Utah Jazz v. 5 - Houston Rockets

Jazz in 6

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