Monday, June 16, 2008

Goodbye Willie

Though perhaps a more detailed entry will follow, I just wanted to comment on how shittily the Willie Randolph situation was handled. Firing him after the first game on the west coast trip, which the Mets won at 3:15 in the morning eastern time? What a joke. I have never been the biggest fan of Willie Randolph, but to be treated like he has been treated is just an insult to a guy who whether you like him or not, has certain done what he thought was best to help the Mets win.

I know I already said this, but the combination of these three factors is shocking. The front office makes him fly all the way to the west coast with the team (rather than firing him before he goes), then fires him after the Mets WIN (showing there was essentially nothing he could have done by the time he left for California to save his job, making them cruelly just send him out there for a day) and then firing him at 3:15 (numbers are already caps so I'll just add some now) EASTERN TIME A.M. - which is simply not an appropriate time for anything, let alone firing someone. Simply embarrassing for the organization. Oh yeah, I suppose that goes for pitching coach Rick Peterson and First base coach Tom Nieto too. Nothing like changing the first base coach to shake up a team...couldn't just be the players, right?

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