Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Okay, it's time to start blogging again - hopefully I will have a new computer soon. I am just about watching the one season of ESPN's original series "Playmakers" so I'll write something on that. In the meantime, a saulte to what has been one of my favorite commercials of the year.

This commercial is simply amazing. Basically the fun part all starts when the doorbell rings, and the housewife (could be unmarried or divorced I suppose (though I guess divorced people are also unmarried) opens the door, at which a man with a bouquet of flowers appears. The woman smiles, appearing surprised and happy that someone thought of her enough to bring her flowers. The delivery man than reads the card with the best line of the commercial, "Delivery from a Mr" - he hesitates - hard pressed to believe that it could be what it says "Mop." (Sidenote: why would a mop be named mop? Are all mops named mop? Or is mop just the common last name and they all have different first names?) We then see the mop poke out from behind a tree, clearly hidden, and waiting for the woman's response. I did not think it would have been possible to make a mop cute, but this commercial proved it. The mop is adorable as it vibrates left and right, eager and anxious for the woman to react. The woman rolls her eyes, sighs and turns back into her house. Another unwanted advance from her ex. Then a bunch of stuff actually talking about the product (what a waste) before one last treat in the last three seconds when a man shows up at the door again with a Candygram, and we again see the adorable mop hanging out behind a bush this time. Phenomenal.

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Lazy Lisa said...

Even though I've seen this commercial about 10,000 times, and it's already in my Youtube favorites, I still just watched your clip three more times. The perfect moment is right at 0:13, during which the guy pauses before saying "...Mop," and said mop pops out from behind the tree just as the musical clip begins. That one or two seconds is genius. Genius.