Wednesday, November 03, 2010

2010 was a banner year for New York Times television reporter Bill Carter - master of the most niche of specialties - late night battles. Sure, while most people were focusing on the sometimes outlandish, sometimes riveting, and sometimes both battle between Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno for the storied Tonight Show, which had its share of winners and losers, one man was winning no matter what happened, and winning more the longer it took and the more heated it got - Bill Carter - the definitive expert in late night television battles. He benefited on two friends - one, the battle between over the Tonight Show brought to mind the battle in the early '90s, particularly as Jay Leno was a key combatant in both, and Carter was asked tons of questions about that battle, and how it compared to the current one, and secondly, he was given plenty of material for a second late night book, bound to generate buzz, based on the fact that he is the reigning expert on all issues late night television. The War for Late Night, his new book comes out this week, and if it's lucky, will even inspire a made-for-tv movie of its own.

So, kudos to you Bill Carter - you deserve to have your expertise tested and rewarded every 18 years or so. Just one question - where's my Craig Ferguson book?

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