Sunday, January 04, 2009

Who doesn't need holidays? The latest is one not fixed to a day, but a time - the last Sunday of the NFL season which shall now be known as Jim Sorgi day. Jim Sorgi, the venerable Wisconsin Badger and Colts' back-up quarterback is best known for getting the vast majority of his playing time on the last day of the season, as Peyton Manning has never missed a start and generally the Colts have been in a position in which the final game doesn't affect their playoff seeding.

Let's take a minute now to appreciate Jim Sorgi's fine work.

This year he only got into the final game, against the Titans, helping the Colts defeat them in a meaningless game for both teams, going 22 for 30 for 178 yards and an 87.9 QB rating.

In 2007, he through 24 of his 36 attempts in the final game, going 11 for 24 for a mere 68 yards and a 66.7 QB rating.

Something had to be contested in 2006, thus sadly meaning not a single attempt for Sorgi in 2006, but that was retroactively made up for by playing two meaningless games in 2005 very effectively, 22 for 30 against Seattle with a 103.8 QB rating (though with a fumble) in a week 16 loss, and 20 of 30 for 94.7 QB rating against the Cardinals in a Week 17.

In his rookie year, 2004, Sorgi played the honorary final game (though he amazingly got 4 attempts earlier in the season including a 7-yard completion), connecting on 16 of 25 passes for 168 yards and 2 TDs for 110.1 QB rating. Phenomenal.

We can only hope that Sorgi can keep it up and join Frank Reich and others in the back up QB Hall of Fame (and that him and Manning can best Reich and Jim Kelly's 9 year starter/back up relationship).

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AndrewEberle said...

I can't believe that any self respecting Bills fan would ever claim that Manning-Sorgi is comparable to Kelly-Reich. Sure Sorgi has looked good in limited time, but Reich masterminded the greatest comebacks in both college and NFL history and started fairly often for the oft injured James Kelly Kapowski. You sir, should be ashamed of yourself.