Friday, October 27, 2006

Now, if I was smart I would just claim that I had not made a World Series prediction, because my picks are so bad, that it would be unfair to the team I picked.

If I was even smarter than that, I would pick St. Louis in 4, because I wanted Detroit to win, and a pick for St. Louis, let alone the sweep, should just about guarentee this.

However, I'm going to reveal to you my actual pick. Now, of course I could be making this up right on the spot, but since my pick can't even happen, after four games, I think even I would be capable of making up a better prediction.

Detroit in 6 (gulp) - I'm not even going to try to explain except I thought Detroit would hit a little, and not make stupid fielding miscues (I'm looking at you, Curtis Granderson and Fernando Rodney.)

Alas, I had to set the bar low in predictions, so that I can improve upon it in the future...exactly. Well, I can't get worse.

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