Friday, October 27, 2006

To assauge the request of one reader (of which there are of course many) , I will attempt to talk about something other than sports for a minute. Since the most productive thing I have done all fall in my mind has been read, I will attempt to rate the books that I read (both past and future) and if I'm really ambitious, write something about then.

The scale will be from 1-10 with decimals, possibly only at the .5s but maybe getting into smaller intervals if I feel it necessary later on. Basically, if a book is higher on the scale than a second book, it means, if you have a choice, you should read the first book instead of the second book. If a book is rated at higher than 5, it means that you should read the book instead of nothing, where as a 5 exactly means, you should be indifferent between reading the book or nothing. Because the books are prescreened by me to be books I'm likely to enjoy, very few if any will probably be at 5 or lower. But it's nice to have just in case. Soon, I will follow with actually book ratings. Look forward to them!

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Leslie Gold said...

yay! something other than sports!!